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Now Mikkeller, and other breweries throughout Denmark, Sweden and Norway, are among the most influential on the planet, making Scandinavia one of the most important regions in the new brew world order.

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Another strange Scandinavian beer that’s well worth exploring.

Among our favourites is this Berliner-style weisse, loaded with passion fruit.

In order to get to the tropical flavours, your taste buds have to battle through some serious sourness – acetic and puckersome but manageable enough to make you instantly crave more.

But discerning Scandinavian drinkers began to discover the beery delights produced by their European neighbours, along with the modern, adventurous flavours delivered by American breweries, and began to experiment with their own home brews.

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Desperate to move away from familiar lagers, a new brewing movement emerged.The fruit is complementary, rather than dominant, and the malt and hop notes are very much kept in the background.